Corrugated Washout

Our Corrugated Washout product is portable, easy to setup, and cost effective. It is made from heavy-duty, 350# VC3 water-treated Kraft fiberboard so that it is light and durable yet folds flat for easy storage.



945-123030       30″ x 30″ x 14”h   Corrugate Washout                 0.25 cu. yds.   50 gallons     5.5 lbs.
945-123404           4’ x 4’ x 14”h     Corrugate Washout                 0.68 cu. yds.   137 gallons     10 lbs.
945-123406           6’ x 6’ x 12”h    Corrugate Pump Washout     1.33 cu. yds.     268 gallons     16 lbs.

Setup really couldn’t be easier:



It is designed to be a portable, EPA-friendly solution for containment of hazardous construction site washout material such as: concrete sediment, paint, drywall mud, stucco, and mortar.At a job site, the last thing you want to worry about is setting up a complicated washout for equipment and tools. Our Corrugated Washout is the simplest washout on the market. Its patented folding design allows it to be stored flat, stored in the cab of a mixer truck, or strapped to the outside for quick deployment.

Step 1: Unpack the corrugated washout.
Step 2: Unfold the origami design.
Step 3: Cover with the enclosed 6 mL bag.

Setup literally takes seconds!



After the washout has been filled with runoff material, allow the high-pH wastewater to evaporate, leaving only solid concrete waste.

When using the 4’x4’ washout, place it on a pallet prior to filling and then use a forklift to dispose of the contents. The unit can then be loaded onto a flat bed truck or dump truck using a small loader. Units can even be stacked for easy transportation.

Our corrugated washouts come in three sizes. The most popular unit (the 4’x4’ ) is specifically designed to either fit a standard pallet for easy mobility or sit on the ground, while the larger 6’x6’ washout has greater capacity and a slightly lower rim to easily accommodate pump trucks.


The heavy-duty, water-treated, Kraft fiberboard that our corrugated washout is made from is durable enough to be left outside in the elements for the duration of short- to medium-term projects. If rain is expected, the poly bag can be tied closed so the washout material won’t take on additional water and extend the evaporation time.

outpack washout